Dairy unit construction is all about simple and functional design using cost-effective materials and concrete has proven itself to be easily the most popular material to use.

The beauty of concrete dairy units is not only that they have been tried and tested over many decades but also that concrete is one of the most design-friendly materials known to man. This means that precast concrete can be used to build everything from simple stock walling around a building to full dairy unit construction. Slatted tank units can feature columns, beams, slats, cubicles, panels, blockwork, in-situ pit, flow-channel walling and yards – all made from concrete.

While concrete is the main material used it also is very easily integrated with other materials, such as galvanised steel cubicle bars and structural steel supports for the walls and roof.

At RSG, our independence of all suppliers not only means we will provide you with truly impartial advice on the best materials to use for concrete dairy units but also that we can source them from the best, most cost-effective outlets.

We will also save you time and money by designing each unit to a customer’s specific requirements as part of the package and as RSG’s owners come from a farming background, you can be confident that our designs will be based on insight and will meet your practical requirements.