Blast-proof walls or “blast walls”, as they are sometimes known, are required in certain situations, from some military defences to the safety measures taken in some industrial and chemical processes.

Sometimes inhabited buildings are made with blast walls while at other times they can be a simple but solid structure designed to contain or minimise the impact of an explosion.

Prestressed concrete is the most common material used though the product itself will depend on the specific requirements of the project. All such products, however, are quick and simple to use and provide the most cost-effective solution to the construction of blast-proof walls.

If using prestressed concrete panels, they can either be installed horizontally using concrete or steel posts, or they can be embedded vertically into concrete foundations.

RSG can provide the materials alone or as part of a package with design, sourcing of materials, groundwork and construction all included. The package, of course, provides our clients with a single point of contact which saves them time and allows us, with our experience in such projects, to direct the project with maximum efficiency.

As a business, we are independent of all suppliers and so provide impartial advice on both the right materials to use and the design of blast-proof walls and we can source materials from any suppliers to ensure customers get the most cost-effective solution.