Bund walls or bunding are used as a secondary defence system to contain spillages from units such as tanks. Understandably, concrete is the most common material used in the construction of bunding.

These are commonly built using concrete blocks but prestressed concrete is also used where the barrier may be called upon to hold back large volumes of liquid. Using concrete makes it both quick and easy to construct a water-tight bund with a concrete base and a sealed wall.

Bund walls are a legal requirement in many situations in the UK and, in such instances, it is subject to regulations. At RSG Structures we are used to working to these legal requirements when building bund walls around tanks, storage vessels and transformers at electricity sub-stations.

We can either provide the materials for such projects or offer them as part of a full package which can include design, sourcing of the selected materials, any groundwork associated with the project and the final construction. This helps our customers by saving them considerable time and simplifies communications by providing them with just one point of contact for the entire project.

RSG is a totally independent business which means we can provide you with impartial advice on the best materials and design for your project. And we can also use any suppliers to ensure we source the best materials at the most cost-effective prices.