Concrete is the most popular material for silage clamp construction because it is very cost-effective and quick to build with.

At RSG we are used to building the full spectrum of concrete silage clamps, from small free standing units through to much larger units needed by some anaerobic digester operators. We offer a full design-and-build package for silage clamp construction to make each project simpler, cheaper and less time-consuming for our clients.

The package can include the design of the unit, sourcing and installation of the best materials for the job and all the necessary site clearance and groundwork, including aprons and yards, and drainage and effluent storage when required.

RSG’s owners come from a farming background and know about the design requirements for making good silage. And if you are looking for a large unit to feed an AD plant we won’t over-complicate the project as some constructors do.

Our concrete silage clamps are built using the best products for the particular project’s needs, whether this means using precast or prestressed concrete, horizontal or vertical panels or in-situ construction.

And, as we are totally independent of our suppliers, we only provide truly impartial advice so you can be confident your silage clamp will be built using the most cost-effective solution.