As prestressed and precast concrete walls are so strong and can be made so stable they can be built high, making them perfect for security walls.

They can be constructed from panels tailored to any customer’s needs and are usually erected horizontally, held in place between two slatted concrete or steel posts. Great heights can be achieved and such systems are used both to keep people in, as is the case with high security walls in prisons, and to keep them out such as with military defences.

They are usually quick and cheap to build which makes them popular though, of course, the taller they are the more ground work and deeper foundations they are likely to require.

At RSG, we can simply source and provide the materials you need for your security walls but we do also offer a complete package to make the whole project simpler and easier for customers. This can include the design, sourcing the materials, any groundwork and the final construction. It means customers only have one point of contact – RSG – and it leaves us free to get on and do what we do day-in, day-out ie manage concrete construction projects.

In addition to this, we are totally independent of all our suppliers, which means we provide customers with totally impartial advice based on our experience and know-how.

And we are also able to source the right materials for any high security wall project from any supplier, ensuring the most cost-effective solution.