Concrete flood defences are increasingly used in a variety of situations including new domestic and commercial property development, alleviation of existing flood-prone areas and coastal defences.

Concrete baffle walls are one of the most widespread constructions in flood alleviation. The strength of the material means they can be used to both dissipate the enormous energy sometimes associated with flood water and also to direct the water away to other places.

While concrete flood defences can be massive structures, it is often the smaller structures that cause the biggest construction challenges, such as building baffle walls for flood defence in tight spaces where water is to be channelled. At RSG Structures we use teams of people who are specifically trained to work in confined spaces which is often an important consideration.

We are also able to provide the other elements that play a crucial role in flood defences, such as concrete drainage systems, culverts and even wave deflectors for marine environments.

Our role in such products can be just to provide just the concrete products required but we do provide an all-inclusive package for the construction of concrete baffle walls which makes the whole project easier and more efficient for our customers. This can include design, sourcing materials, groundwork and the final construction.

As RSG is independent of all suppliers we can also provide you with impartial advice on the best materials for your flood defence project, whether it is baffle walls or wave deflectors, and then source them from the most cost-effective suppliers.