Precast concrete is produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or “form” which is then allowed to set thoroughly a controlled environment, a process called “curing”.

The process can be closely monitored at the precast plant before the finished product is transported to the construction site and lifted into place. Consequently, the quality of precast concrete is often far superior to that of concrete cast in situ on a construction site.

At RSG Structures we offer many types of precast units, including both bespoke precast products and standard units available off the shelf. We supply and install many shapes and styles of standard precast concrete units including:

• L shaped walls (also available as prestressed units for heights up to 6m)

• T shaped walls up to 4m high

• Self-shedding dividing units up to 4m high

• Certified barrier units for anti-terrorist and security applications

• Concrete columns available in heights in excess of 12m

• Biofilter Decks and Cattle Slats