Concrete is the material of choice for most firewalls in buildings and there are strict regulations applied to their construction in specific circumstances.

There are three main types of concrete firewall or “fire-rated walls”: fire walls, fire barriers and fire partitions. The main difference is that the first is structurally self-sufficient.

A further type of concrete firewall is the high challenge fire wall. RSG has frequently been called in to build high challenge fire walls to separate transformers at power stations and sub stations but we also construct them to divide a building which further enhances its defences against the spread of fire and increases its structural stability.

Precast, prestressed and concrete blocks are all used in the construction of different types of fire wall.

At RSG, we can provide the materials as part of a package which can include the design of the fire wall to meet client’s requirements as well as the strict fire-wall regulations. The package can also include sourcing of the chosen materials, the groundwork and the final construction. By doing so, we provide clients with a single point of contact which saves them time and reduces the burden of the project on them.

As a business, we are independent of all suppliers and so provide totally impartial advice on both materials and design of the concrete firewall and can source materials from any suppliers to provide the most cost-effective solution.