Slurry tanks and slurry pits are commonly made from concrete and steel because they are not only strong, durable and safe but also provide a cost-effective solution while being relatively quick to construct.

Whether you are looking for above ground or below ground storage, RSG not only builds steel and concrete units but also can deliver them as part of a full design-and-build package. This will include design, sourcing materials, groundwork and construction and makes each project simpler, cheaper and less time-consuming for customers.

Coming from a farming background, RSG’s owners are totally familiar with slurry tanks and slurry pits. Each farm’s slurry requirements are unique and, consequently, each project needs to be individually assessed.

Weeping wall stores, total containment with strainer boxes and slatted scraper channels can all be incorporated to suit any site constraints.

And, as RSG is totally independent of our suppliers, we provide truly impartial advice so you can be confident your slurry pit will be built using the most suitable materials for the job to provide the most cost-effective solution.