Renewable energy facilities that use biomass conversion need significant storage space with strong walls and easy access and the operators of such facilities often need them built as soon as possible.

The most cost-effective and quickest way of achieving this is to use either precast concrete or prestressed concrete. Picture of an L-wall - a concrete wall with an L-shaped profile

RSG offers many years experience in this sector and provides a complete design and build package to customers. By listening to your needs and offering advice where needed, we can quickly produce designs to the required spec, advise on the best materials to use and source them at the best prices. And our experience in the sector help us find the best contractors and manage the project to its conclusion.

We commonly use L-walls and T-walls for renewable energy projects and can source either bespoke units or regular units. As we are totally independent of all manufacturers, we can source materials from any manufacturer on the market. And if those units are immediately available the project can proceed even more quickly.