Concrete water tanks for firefighting are widely used because they are relatively quick and easy to construct and are very cost-effective.

Precast and prestressed concrete are easy to work with and provide reliable, long-lasting structures, whether sited above ground or underground.

We offer the full design-and-build package for concrete firefighting tanks to make the project simpler and less time-consuming for our customers. This package can include the design of the whole structure, sourcing of the chosen materials, all the necessary groundwork and the construction.

A concrete firefighting tanks’ design is always tailored to the requirements of each site, taking into account such elements as the space and cover depth available and the range of fittings required.

RSG is totally independent of all suppliers, which means we can put our customers’ needs first and provide them with totally impartial advice. And we are consequently able to source the best materials for any concrete water tanks for firefighting from the most cost-effective sources.