Baffles, or baffle walls, are used for a variety of purposes in sewage plants and across the water treatment industry, including in storm tanks, aeration tanks and oxidation ditches.

Concrete baffles for sewage plants are widely used because the material is inherently very strong and very durable, it is design-friendly and cost-effective.

At RSG Structures we also use teams of people who are trained and experienced in working in confined spaces which is often an important consideration in such installation projects.

We offer the full package for the construction of baffle walls in sewage plants which makes the whole project easier and more efficient for our customers. We can incorporate design, sourcing of the chosen materials, any necessary groundwork and the final construction.

Our company is also independent of all suppliers which enables us to provide you with impartial advice on the best materials for the design of your concrete baffle walls and then to source them from the most cost-effective suppliers that meet the required standards.