Composting depots are increasingly being built either as stand-alone operations or as part of recycling depots with broader functions.

In these projects, concrete is the key material used in construction of flooring, drainage, walling and even roofing. Precast and prestressed walling is often used because these materials are so quick and cost-effective to build with.

In composting depots, green waste is mixed, shredded and broken down mechanically before it is loaded into a concrete composting tunnels. This usually requires the construction of large concrete yards, often special drainage requirements and the incorporation of administration building, weighbridges and other facilities into the design.

The main composting process often takes place in a series of concrete composting tunnels or similar structures with concrete floors and roofs that are typically five metres high or more. Drainage systems can return any liquid discharged in the process to the compost.

At RSG, we can either provide all the materials for composting depots or offer them as part of a full package which can include design of the facilities, sourcing of the chosen materials, any groundwork associated with the project and the final construction. This simplifies the project for clients by providing them with just one point of contact and saving them time.

And, as a totally independent business, RSG will provide impartial advice on the best materials and design for your project and we can also source the chosen materials from the supplier offering the most cost-effective prices.