The best material for the construction of recycling depots is usually concrete. It is strong, durable, quick to build with, widely available and cheap to use.

Concrete recycling depots are also easy to keep clean and tidy. Special features can be incorporated in to their design from the outset, such as any additional drainage, liquid containment and fire safety measures.

And concrete recycling stores are also relatively easy to add to or modify as our recycling patterns and the legislation associated with such depots develop.

Pre-stressed, precast and cast in situ concrete are all widely used. At RSG we are able to source these from any supplier as we are an independent company, so we will always be able to get the best prices. In a similar vein, we are able to offer totally impartial advice to customers on both the design of concrete recycling stores and the materials used in their construction.

And to make life easier for our customers, we also offer a total project package which includes design, sourcing materials, groundwork and construction of a concrete recycling depot.  This leaves them with only have one point of contact – RSG – and it also leaves us free to use our experience and expertise to manage the project efficiently.